Lawrence County Sheriff Inmate Information


Kiosk hours are from 8:00am - 10:30pm.

  • Each inmate is permitted one FREE visit per day (through the onsite kiosks). After that, charges will apply.
  • Remember that there are times when the person you want to visit may not be available. If they do not answer, try again another time.
  • Jail staff will not relay messages, tell them to answer, ask them why they will not answer, etc.
  • Lock-downs happen at random times and when that happens, there will be no access to the kiosks by locked down inmates. Any visit happening at the time of an announced lock-down will be ended.
  • Please pick up after yourself and dispose of all trash in appropriate receptacles.
  • Children are to be supervised AT ALL TIMES. They are not to be roaming the lobby while you conduct your visit. This will be STRICTLY enforced.
  • Visits can also be held from wherever you have internet connection by visiting
  • Face to face visits have been officially eliminated for ALL incarcerated individuals.
  • Money orders may be sent through the mail, and must have inmate's name and be filled out completely. Personal checks and payroll checks will not be accepted. 

Lawrence County Security:

Typically, the jail will not have any information about an inmate other than what he/she has been charged with, and the amount of bond, if any. For information about court appearances, the court should be contacted directly:

Lawrence County Circuit Court   (812) 275-2421
Lawrence County Superior Court   (812) 275-3124
lawrence County Probation Department   (812) 275-3605


We do not deliver messages to inmates unless it is a medical emergency that we can verify.

Mail must have the inmate's name, and the sender's first and last name and complete return address. No tape or stickers are allowed on envelopes, other than the postage stamp. No Polaroid pictures are allowed. No crayon or colored pencil allowed.  Inmate phone service provider: 1-800-844-6591


Funds:  Public can leave money for inmates: Inmate Canteen


Bond Payment:

Using a credit/debit card to post bond of an inmate: GovPayNet