Lawrence County Surveyor

The public office of the surveyor was created by the founding fathers of the Indiana State Constitution founders to provide citizens with knowledge of county parcels, town and city boundaries, drains and topography. There are no term limits on the County Surveyors office.

Responsibilities of the Surveyor:

  • Prepares, maintains and keeps in their office a legal survey record book showing maps of sections, grants, subdivisions, or groups of such areas in sufficient detail so that the location of each is shown.
  • Maintains a cornerstone record book. The information is the basis for determining the location of parcels within the county.
  • Supervises all regulated drain construction, reconstruction and maintenence. They serve as an ex officio member of the county drainage board and a member of the county plan commission.
  • Corey Allen
  • Lawrence County Surveyor
  • Kenna Jo Hodges
  • First Deputy
  • Stephen Bowman
  • Second Deputy


Contact Info:

Office: 812-279-2159
Location: Lawrence County Courthouse, 916 15th Street , Room #13
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.