Lawrence County Environmental Health


  • Septic inspections
  • Septic installer license
  • Food Permits
  • Restaurant Inspections
  • Restaurant & Environmental Complaints
  • Swimming pool inspection (Public/Semi-public)
  • Tattoo parlor permits
  • Educational information and news about rabies, ticks, bedbugs and head lice

Searching for envionrmental information about a property (complaints, inspection reports, etc.)? Please download, fill out and submit a Request for Release of Information form.

The Environmental Health Division of the Lawrence County Health Department consists of the following programs:

Wastewater Sanitation Program

The staff of the Environmental Health Division is responsible for inspecting septic systems and assisting individuals with plan designs for septic systems as well as approving the application for septic system installation. They also investigate complaints regarding the presence of wastewater or other unsanitary conditions

Download this form to learn all of the steps you need to complete to obtain a septic permit. 

Contact the health department directly for a current list of certified installers.

Other forms you will need:
Septic permit application

List of registered soil science consultants

All septic installers must be certified, according to Lawrence County Ordinance. 
Learn how to become certified in Lawrence County

Apply for certification in septic installation and repair in Lawrence County

Contact the health department directly for a current list of certified installers.


Food Protection Program

The staff of the Environmental Health Division is responsible for inspection of:

  • Restaurants and grocery stores
  • Temporary and mobile food units
  • School and camp food services

These inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with the Indiana State Food Code. They also provide food handling education courses and investigate complaint reports.

Temporary food service application form

Annual food service application form

Animal & Vector

The Lawrence County Health Department sponsors the annual Rabies Clinic. We are also responsible for the investigation of animal bite reports and provide information on the control of various insects and animals. 

To learn more about vector-borne diseases, visit the Center for Disease Control's Division of Vector-Borne Diseases web page.

To learn about bed bugs, visit the Center for Disease Control's informational page on bed bugs

The Environmental Health Division is also responsible for investigating complaints regarding housing issues, investigation of lead-level contents in old buildings and tattoo/body piercing facilities.


Environmental Health Fees:

Food Service/Retail Food Permit-Permanent Establishments

  • 1-6 employees
  • $77 issued 1/1-6/30; $50.00  7/1-12/31
  • 7-13 employees
  • $100 issued 1/1-6/30; $70.00 7/1-12/31
  • 14-20 employees
  • $130 issued 1/1-6/30; $90.00 7/1-12/31
  • 20+ employees
  • $160 issued 1/1-6/30; $110.00 7/1-12/31
  • *Mobile
  • $50
  • **Seasonal
  • $50 (full time, but less than 6 months operational)
  • ***Replace/Amend Permit
  • $10
  • Penalty for failure to obtain Food Service Permit
  • $100 per establishment
  • Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit.
  • Applications not received 3 days prior to event are Subject to late fee. $10 first day, $5.00 each additional day, per event
  • Real Estate Septic Inspection
  • $100
  • New Septic System Permit
  • $50
  • Delinquent Septic Fee (failure to obtain septic permit)
  • $100
  • Tattoo/Body Piercing (permanent or temporary establishment)
  • $500