Welcome to the Lawrence County Police Department D.A.R.E. page. The LCPD has been involved in the D.A.R.E. program for eleven years. Approximately 500 kids go through the program each year, not to mention the hundreds of other kids that attend our local events.

Supervised by Officer Gregg Taylor, Certified D.A.R.E. Instructor, the program first started in the Mitchell Community Schools district. Since that time, it has developed into a county-wide project with other police departments taking responsibility for the schools in their jurisdictions. Presently, the LCPD D.A.R.E. program is taught in six elementary schools: Dollens in Oolitic, Springville, Shawswick, Heltonville, Fayetteville and Needmore. This program has a ten week-long core curriculum for fifth grade students that includes the dangers of drug abuse, dealing with negative peer pressure and bullying situations, learning the importance of making good choices and staying safe with over the counter and prescription drugs. Third graders also receive an abbreviated curriculum which prepares them for the core curriculum in the fifth grade.


What D.A.R.E. Means to Me

Samuel D. St. John, Essay winner
Mrs. Pritchett

When I think of D.A.R.E., I think of Officer Taylor and of all the great and useful things he has taught us. 1 think of the DDMM (Dare Decision Making Model)that he so often referred to. Let's just say that I loved the D.A.R.E. program and wish it didn't have to end. I thank the creators of D.A.R.E. and Officer Taylor for this great time I have had.

I have learned a lot from this program, such as how to react to bullies and peer pressure, how to stay away from alcohol and tobacco, how to be safe with prescriptions and OTC drugs, how to respond to being made fun of or blamed, and, most Importantly, how to solve them. The DDMM Is the best way to handle any of these things.

Handling bullying should always start like this. Tell your teacher, principal, or parent that this was happening and make sure to note not to mention yourself. You should then wait and see if it stopped. If it didn't, you should simply repeat the process with your teacher or parent. Sometimes I can be pushed to do something I don't want to do, but now because of D.A.R.E., I know to walk away and say that I don't like the idea or didn't want to get Into any trouble.

I hope I never am, but If I am tempted to drink in the future, I will remember this program and tell myself not to drink because of all the horrid ways it could affect my life and future.

If I am ever in a situation where I am tempted to chew or smoke, I would shut my mouth tight, walk away, and remember the effects like mouth, lung, and gum cancer, rotting teeth, and bad breath.

Prescriptions can be dangerous, and I now know how to react and handle them. If I was prescribed a drug, I would take only what has been instructed.